welcome to Measure And Wear

Measure And Wear has been manufacturing school uniforms and outfitting students since 1965. Our establishment in North America has started since 2008. Measure And Wear has the unique advantage of being both a retailer and manufacturer of school uniforms. We offer uniforms that are durable, comfortable with competitive prices for your kids in order to proudly supply a complete uniform for our customers.

Measure And Wear. has been committed to being far more than simply a uniform provider, but a true partner for those whose services build better places for the new generation to learn.In addition, we work daily to provide our customers with the highest level of friendly and reliable customer service.

Why Us?

Our Prices

We are providing a wide range of garments, at affordable prices, without compromising on quality. With a wide selection of different fabrics and styles, we can provide a package that suits your needs, as well as your pocket.

Our Services

Measure And Wear is providing a retail service in which it will be responsible for all phases of the uniform implementation. In this scenario we deal with the parents and students directly. We handle all aspects from fittings, order taking to exchanges.

Measure And Wear is providing a bulk service that supplies the uniforms to the school, who in turn, sells the uniforms to the parents. We work very closely with the school, in managing its inventory and purchases during the school year.

Our Quality

We have a very high control over the production process. We source and select the very best and healthiest fabrics, and ensure high quality throughout all the production process.

Why having the uniform

  • Make it a snap for kids to get ready for school
  • Distinguish students within the community
  • Practical and economical
  • Eliminate the socioeconomic pressures of fashion-driven dress
  • Increase safety on campus